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Soil On Sundays Balanced Mix is ideal for a range of plant types, including but not limited to vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Composted and waste-free, this Balanced Mix is consistent, balanced and refined, with a base of beautifully composted fine slash and river sand. You will find most bagged mixes in stores have been primarily aged rather than composted. Ours is composted, meaning the mix has been taken to a temperature that will kill all pathogens, ensure no grass or weed seeds, and has no green waste filler.

Balanced Mix features:
      • Its pH has been adjusted to 5.8 – 6.5 so is a brilliant mix for a vast variety of plant types
      • It has a very good balance of water holding and air-filled porosity
      • It is stable and consistent in its sizing
      • It provides incredible drainage
      • There are no harmful or unknown runoff waters used on the site
      • Just add a control release fertiliser of your choice and some trace minerals if you like and away you go!

The reusable plastic bags are easy to manage at just 15-16kg each, so make gardening a breeze.


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