Best biodynamic potting and seed raising blend from Red Soil Organics


Best Biodynamic Living Potting & Seed Raising Blend for Fruit, Nut, Veg, Herb, Flower, Native

Suitable for veg trugs/pods, raised beds, indoor pots, outdoor pots, pocket planting, haybale planting, top dressing, forestry tubes/seedlings/saplings.

We are proud to stock this excellent hand-blended mix by the legendary Kane Dabboussfrom Red Soil Organics.

Best Biodynamic Living Potting & Seed Raising Blend for Fruit, Nut, Veg, Herb, Flower, Native

Suitable for veg trugs/pods, raised beds, indoor pots, outdoor pots, pocket planting, haybale planting, top dressing, forestry tubes/seedlings/saplings. If you screen down through a mesh it can be used as seed raising (we use it as is, for seed raising)

A blend of clean, fertile river flat topsoil, large doses of wood ash, charcoal and double ground wood mulch that’s been sitting in the pile and breaking down for about 2 years. Creating the perfect environment for fungi to colonise and thrive, carbon-rich full of base fertility.

Fermented in a Mesophilic compost pile. Fortified with the Red Soil Organics Morpheus blend of biodynamic compost fertiliser, which has a heavy load of phosphorus-rich chicken manure. All fully composted and pre-digested by biology. It’s amended and guided with various minerals, lime, paramagnetic palagonite and paramagnetic red volcanic clay to mediate the process – which is then is amended further with biological innoculants, brewed and cultured through flowforms and fresh horned cows’ and guinea fowls’ manure.

Then further modified, quickened and enlivened with BD preps 502-507 and a concentrated form called CPP made by Kane. Constantly monitored and guided through the process to build both bacterial and fungal diversity, but more so fungal, the type of organisms favoured by perennials and woody crops. Then it’s warm-fermented to grow the colonies of beneficial organisms into the soil. When you receive it there won’t be much white biology due to the disturbance, but leave it for 5 days and the entire bag will light up white with fungi and bacteria ready to mine the soil and feed the plant.

This soil has been made to mimic the way a rich dense rainforest builds fertility and opens up mineral reserves. We NEED topsoil in blends quite simply because you are growing plants from the Earth, that need the soil! This is the opposite of industrial potting blends, where plants struggle. It doesn’t matter what the brand is, cheap industrial potting mixes are all bark and sand, designed to be constantly fed with soluble fertilisers (chemicals) and every time you water, it washes these, and any other nutrients away because it does not have the humus and soil structure to hold onto anything, hence the frequent watering.

We have created this blend to absolutely bypass all of that. To hold onto every drop of water and nutrient, and store it and be organised and regulated by the microbes. To have deep earthy elements, manures and minerals to give you the best possible, most healthy and vibrant plants that have better aromas, better blooms and colours, more fruit set and larger fruit, deeper medicinal qualities and potencies and are just in general vigorous and healthy. The fertility of these blends is equal to the edge of the forest. That’s really what you need to grow successfully. Good rich, alive soil that you don’t need to mollycoddle.

We have just left one ingredient up to you to add, or not to add. And that’s perlite – if you are wanting to stretch the soil out and make it much lighter then you can add up to 20% without compromising the systems.

About Red Soil Organics: going beyond the Australian cert. organic guidelines, following Demeter Biodynamic guidelines for composting. Trained on ancient composting techniques in India, in soil science and agronomy in Australia, and delivering popular training workshops here on the Sunshine Coast.  100% local and family-owned – every dollar is valuable and goes to good use, supporting families, facilitating education and much-needed change.

* All bags are non treated hessian, specifically inked black to avoid heavy metals from colourings, home compostable and breaking down within a few weeks – considered “brown” material in the heap.
* No chemical additives or fertilisers have been used in any of these products
* No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or GMOs come into contact with any of the composted materials
*Base ingredients are 100% farm manures and raw minerals (allowed inputs)
*Base soil used in our potting blends is specifically found by Kane in regards to the history of the land, its ownership, past uses, soil type, organic matter, management techniques, origins of soil influences – what neighbouring properties may influences, effects of water flow from other properties and location in the watershed, along with analysis of surrounding vegetation.

Pickup from Bamboo Park, bagged. Also available in bulk as 3m3 tip truck loads (delivered).


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