Gracilis/Slender Weaver Bamboo


This tidy and tight clumping bamboo is the most popular bamboo in Australia. Is difficult to propagate and often requires the roots being dug up and consequently is more expensive. However, it’s straight, slender and very dense amount of poles and dark green tropical look make it an incredible screen and attractive in the garden. It typically grows 6-7m high and it grows better in full sun to part shade conditions. They usually need about 3 years to create a private and dense barrier.

It is a very cold tolerant, so it can survive cold climates as Melbourne or anywhere in Australia.

Height 6-7m
Height in pots 2-4m 
Culm width 1.5m
Culm width in pots 1m or less
Min Temperature -12ºC
Climate It can survive cold conditions as Melbourne or anywhere in Australia
Light conditions Full sun to part shade
Growth habit Tidy and tight clumping
Care Well drained and mulched
Native to China
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