Malay Dwarf Variegated Bamboo


This very dense and bushy bamboo makes a beautiful hedge or privacy screen with its white striped leaves. It is also very popular because once established it is drought tolerant.

Malay Dwarf Bamboo is an excellent bamboo as a hedge for most properties including suburban gardens. This is a cheap way to block neighbours’ views, as well as being a beautiful feature and wonderful wildlife haven, much appreciated by bird-lovers as little birds nest in this effective screen. Can also be grown in pots as a highly attractive feature.


Common name Bambusa heterostachya ‘Variegata’
Height 3m
Diameter 1m
Min Temperature -2ºC
Climate Grows best in tropical/subtropical climates
Light conditions Full sun to part shade
Growth habit Tight, dense and bushy
Care Well drained and mulched
Native to Malasya

Malay Dwarf Variegated Bamboo has a thick, dense and uniform bushy foliage. Due to that, it is the most popular Bamboo for screening and to stop noise and wind, thus giving a lot of protection. 

Its leaves have green and white stripes. They like moist, well drained soil, growing in a circular way to 3-4 meters high, being very easy to cut them to the desired height. It does not need much maintenance as it resists drought very well.In terms of light conditions, full sun to part shade.

This is a bushy hedging bamboo perfect for wider garden beds, pots and troughs. This variety naturally grows to 3-4mtrs in height and can be trimmed or hedged to the desired height.

​Malay Dwarf Variagated has a bushy dense growth habit with very attractive green and white striped leaves. The natural footprint size of the clump is 1-1.5mtrs and it’s the same width in foliage as height.

This bamboo species can be trimmed, hedged, cut back and maintained into narrow garden beds of only 50cm wide; the smaller the garden bed, the shorter the hedge will be.

Malay Dwarf Variagated is a very effective noise and wind barrier for ultimate protection. Little birds love to nest within the branches so this is very popular with bird lovers, and is also good to use for aviaries.

This bamboo can also be made into a box hedge with an electric hedger.

This easy care plant is low maintenance and drought hardy.

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