Red Soil Organics Compost


This blend has been developed to mimic the synchronistic effect of the great bison and flocks of birds that followed behind them on the prairies – the deepest and richest of all soils. Millenia ago herds as far as the eye could see. Native Americans reported the sky was blacked out for 3 days with all the birds following behind the herds.

All of this manure diversity, and all of these interlinked ecosystem interactions have been recreated and weaved into a thermophilic, trace element enhanced, biologically rich, Biodynamic compost full of humic (humus)and fulvic acids. So now you can get the effect and all the benefits of the most perfect, most complete rotational grazing system, without having to own, manage or take care of any animals, whilst combining that with the effect of pure humus. The forest floor is rich in humus, which is naturally a growth promotor, immune booster and the perfect home for biology, responsible for the water infiltration, percolation and storage in the soil.

Containing all the benefits listed in our Biodynamic compost, more enhanced, more specialised and more firepower.

Application rate for the growing season;

Home garden – 2bags per 5m2 (1inch)

Hobby farm/Urban Farm – 1m3 / 150m2 (40bags) – double this for depleted soils

Can be worked into the soil prior to planting at 1 inch layer (leave for 2 days before planting).

Top dressed, watered in and mulched over the top.


Can also be used to bring fruit trees back from the dead at 1 inch layer!

About Red Soil Organics: going beyond the Australian cert. organic guidelines, following Demeter Biodynamic guidelines for composting. Trained on ancient composting techniques in India, in soil science and agronomy in Australia, and delivering popular training workshops here on the Sunshine Coast.  100% local and family-owned – every dollar is valuable and goes to good use, supporting families, facilitating education and much-needed change.

* All bags are non treated hessian, specifically inked black to avoid heavy metals from colourings, home compostable and breaking down within a few weeks – considered “brown” material in the heap.
* No chemical additives or fertilisers have been used in any of these products
* No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or GMOs come into contact with any of the composted materials
*Base ingredients are 100% farm manures and raw minerals (allowed inputs)
*Base soil used in our potting blends is specifically found by Kane in regards to the history of the land, its ownership, past uses, soil type, organic matter, management techniques, origins of soil influences – what neighbouring properties may influences, effects of water flow from other properties and location in the watershed, along with analysis of surrounding vegetation.

*Pickup from Bamboo Park, bagged. Also available in bulk as 3m3 tip truck loads (delivered).

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