Red Bottlebrush


An evergreen shrub native to eastern Australia, with slender, lance-shaped branches that emerge coppery before maturing to gray-green. Its narrow leaves release a lemon scent when bruised. Brilliant red, bottle brush-like flower spikes, 4 inches long (10 cm), bloom intermittently throughout the year in frost-free areas.The flowers are an abundant source of nectar for birds and hummingbirds.They give way to woody seed capsules that remain closed on the branches for years.Easily cultivable in humid, acidic and drained soils.They tend to tolerate droughts well, preferring regular watering.An eye-catching specimen for a sunny bush border or a lovely hedge in frost-free areas.No shrub could offer a brighter display with so little trouble.


Water moderate
Light conditions full sun from early age and light shade when young
Wind tolerance High
Growth rate Fast


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