Eucalyptus Microcorys (Tallowood)


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These beauties are called Eucalyptus Microcorys, commonly known as Tallowwood. Apart from being the number one koala food, they are an incredibly fast-growing gum tree, available for both shade and timber.
These native trees love the wet soils of Bamboo Park and many other places on the Sunshine Coast. With bamboo windbreaks, these guys can grow 3m in 1 year!
Reforestation is at our heart and that’s why we try and make our native trees affordable at $8 each.
Lovely white to lemon-yellow flowers and conical fruit, grows in forests near the coast of Queensland and New South Wales.


Tallowwood mainly grows in tall open forest on fertile soil on slopes and ridges and in valleys, across the Sunshine Coast and up to Fraser Island, south to Cooronbong in NSW, and as far inland as Toowoomba.

Height 60m
Climate Tropical, subtropical climates
Light conditions Full sun to part shade
Care Well drained soil
Native to Eastern Australia
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