Blue Chungii Bamboo


Chungii is a clumping and elegant ornamental bamboo. It is a great feature plant or windbreak that can withstand cold, windy weather.  Its new shoots and young culms are white lightly bluish colour.  Chungii can also be used for craft applications like basket weaving.

Common name Blue Chungii Bamboo, Emperor Blue
Height 8-10m
Diameter 2-3m
Min Temperature -5ºC
Climate Cold tolerant, grows anywhere in Australia
Light conditions full sun to part shade
Growth habit ‘V’ shape
Care well drained and mulched
Native to Singapore

Medium bamboo with a beautiful whitish blue colour on the poles and lush green leaves. It rapidly grows in a circular fashion. Our blue bamboos are in 200mm pots and very established with at least two poles at 2m high per pot. Blue bamboo can be an effective window break and beautiful ornamental plant.

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