Timor black


A very popular and striking ornamental bamboo with glossy black culms. It makes a stunning feature plant. Defiantly one of our favourite black clumping bamboos.

Originally from Timor Island, has black stems which reach a maximum of 12 meters in height, and can be trimmed if necessary.

It grows in a circular fashion and slower than most bamboo. It prefers frost-free climates, as tropical or subtropical climates. They grow neat and quite tight.

Timor Black is a large, dark brown ornamental bamboo with deep dark green foliage. When these stems turn white / gray, it’s time to remove them to stimulate new shoots.


Common name Bambusa Lako
Height 10m
Diameter 6cm
Min Temperature -3ÂșC
Climate Tropical/subtropical climates
Light conditions Full sun to part shade
Growth habit Tidy and tight clumping
Care Well drained and mulched
Native to Indonesia







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45 litre growbag, 100 litre growbag


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