Timor Black Bamboo


A very popular and striking ornamental bamboo with glossy black culms. It makes a stunning feature plant. Defiantly one of our favourite black clumping bamboos.Originally from Timor Island, has black stems which reach a maximum of 12 meters in height, and can be trimmed if necessary.


Common name Bambusa lako
Height 8-12m
Diameter 2m
Min Temperature -3ÂșC
Climate Tropical/subtropical climates
Light conditions Full sun to part shade
Growth habit Upright 
Care Well drained and mulched
Native to Indonesia

Timor Black is the most popular black bamboo with glossy black culms.

It’s a wonderful ornamental feature plant, but not dense enough for effective screening.

Timor Black grows in a circular fashion and slower than most bamboo. tropical or subtropical climates, and doesn’t like frosts.

The lowest two meters are usually free from foliage giving this bamboo a lovely clean appearance.

Timor Black prefers most, well drained soil. Ideally in full sun but they can do just as well in part shade.

Do not allow this bamboo to dry out. When in pots, water heavily every day. After planting, water every two days for the first month. Keep well mulched. Feed during the growing season with fertilisers high in nitrogen – lawn and grass fertilisers can work well.

When it’s hot, dry or windy, bamboo benefits from deep watering to minimise leaf drop and maintain lush foliage. Old culms can turn white or grey, and it’s best to remove these gray to stimulate new shoots.





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