Goldstripe Bamboo


The unique screening bamboo of Goldstripe Bamboo, similar to the most popular Gracilis but more compact.
Goldstripe will grow to 4-5 m in height whereas Gracilis will grow to 6-7 m. Also has a smaller diameter on the ground of 1m instead of 1.5m.This is the ideal plant for privacy between houses, by creating a thick green wall of slender, upright poles and leaves. Goldstripe will give any space a relaxing, tropical feel and can even be used for large pots. It is the ideal bamboo for smaller gardens and less maintenance is required.
Height 4-5m
Height in pots 2-4m
Culm width 1-2m
Culm width in pots 1m or less
Climate grows well anywhere in Australia
Light conditions full sun to part shade
Care well drained soil
Native to China
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