Tiger Grass


Beautiful Tiger Grass can be the perfect bamboo alternative, is great as a fast growing screening or feature plant. This striking plant, originally from Thailand, looks like bamboo but it’s actually a different kind of perennial grass.

Tiger Grass can be an excellent screen, whether mass planted with tropical plants or as a hedge to block out the neighbours. The main difference to bamboo is that Tiger Grass does not have branches (it leafs straight off the culm) and it has grass flowers at the top each year.

Tiger Grass makes a spectacular large container plant. For best results, ensure plants are watered regularly during hot spells. Tiger Grass can even handle short periods of frost.

Common name Thysanolaena maxima
Height 2.5 to 3.5m
Height in pots 2-3m 
Culm width 1-1.5m
Culm width in pots 1m or less
Min Temperature -2ºC
Climate Tropical/subtropical climates
Light conditions Full sun to part shade
Growth habit bushy and V shape
Care Well drained and mulched
Native to Thailand

Is extremely quick growing and can be fully grown within 18 – 24 months, and even faster when you purchase our established rootstock. Tiger Grass is fairly low maintenance and drought tolerant once established, though holds it leaves better with water through extended dry periods.

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