Java Black Bamboo


This magical bamboo will stand out in any garden growing up to 10-12 meters tall and can be easily trimmed. Java Black Bamboo is an ornamental that has beautiful black stems surrounded by white rings and fine green stripes.

Black bamboo creates new green shoots that turn black in 6 to 9 months. When the color of the stem turns from black to a whitish grey, it means that it is coming to an end. To stimulate new shoots, simply remove these grayish stems.

These bamboos grow in a circular fashion and take longer to grow than most bamboo. They can be used for any type of construction, since their stems are very heavy and dense.

Height 10-12m
Diameter 2m
Min temperature -3ÂșC
Climate tropical/subtropical climates
Light conditions full sun to part shade
Growth habit V shape
Growing conditions well drained soil
Native to Indonesia
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