Buddha Belly Bamboo


A very popular species, Buddha Belly Bamboo is a decorative evergreen plant that is striking for its bulging internodes that resemble the fat belly of the Buddha. This non-invasive tropical bamboo is an excellent choice for a privacy screen in warm-temperate conditions. Dark green, with stems that mature to greenish yellow.


Height 5-6m
Diameter 2m
Min Temperature -9ÂșC
Climate Cold tolerant, grows anywhere in Australia
Light conditions full sun to part shade
Growth habit bushy
Care well drained and mulched
Native to China

To produce the swollen internodes, the plant needs potting, drying, or insufficient fertilization. The size of these internodes will depend on the conditions of the bamboo. Under normal growing conditions, ventricosa will generally only produce about half of its shoots with the short, swollen internodes and the rest straight.

If it suddenly begins to flower and starts shedding leaves, it means that the plant is stressed. To be able to stop its stress, it is good to fertilize it and water it more continuously.

Place it in an area protected from cold, dry winds. It adapts well to a variety of soils with excellent drainage.

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